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BehRobot Humanoid Team was established in 2008. Our team provides three robots of the same type and one goalkeeper robot with similar structure even though equipped with some additional accessories. Our aim is to making the robot more stable and reliable as the result of our researches. Future plans are to develop and implement autonomous team actions towards participation in the three-by-three games similar to other leagues in RoboCup. Some studied subjects in this work are: "Artificial Intelligence includes Fuzzy Decision-Making and Neural Behaviors Learning based on Strategy concept, Advanced Nonlinear Controller, Image processing ". We believe that a reliable mechanical structure design, robust pioneer algorithms and high performance sensor fusion are principles of a high team performance in Humanoid League.

Since that time we participate successfully in national and international competitions and obtain many different ranks in those competitions. We also present our robots at various events. Our Team Description Paper (TDP) for the RoboCup 2012 gives you an overview about the current development in methods, software and hardware. Our events page provides at a glance the public presentations of our robots.

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  • Email: Contact[at]BehRobot[dot]ir

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